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Are you looking for corporate entertainment that will leave your guests in shock and awe? If you have an event coming up and have been left with the task of planning the ball, sit down dinner or evening drinks, hire a corporate magician. Matt Wilson has performed at dozens of corporate functions and has a range of experience performing table magic or mix and mingle magic to the highest of corporate clients.

If you are organizing a corporate event it is important to note that performing for the highest of corporate clients isn’t for every magician. Matt knows this and his ability to perform breath-taking magic is as important to him as his ability to be able to relate to guests – showcasing skill, wit, a level of understanding with people quickly and noticing when the time isn’t right to perform is an essential part of Matt’s professionalism and experience as a corporate magician. That moment when you’re about to a close a significant relationship with a new client won’t be interrupted by the “pick a card” cliché.

Performance Options

Matt Wilson brings back that sense of magic to the festive period. His close-up routine or large-scale performance is perfect for any seasonal event. His performance is amazingly even more exciting then pulling that first Christmas cracker. Consequently after hiring Matt Wilson, people are left saying the inevitable statement, “Ho Ho How did he do that?!”

Awards Ceremonies

An award ceremony is the perfect event to hire Matt Wilson. That high spirit and sense of anticipation that is inevitable with any award ceremony coincides with Matt’s magical routine precisely. A catalyst for conversation, Matt Wilson is the perfect tool that can be used to enhance the joy of an award winner, but also make those people who just missed out bad feelings disappear with a puff of smoke.

Balls & Banquets

Having a dinner, a ball, or a company party? No problems; Matt is a specialist at performing close-up magic at parties like these. His magic is upbeat, modern and perfectly suited to just about any type of party you can imagine.