If you have ever been at an event where you didn’t know many people, you will appreciate what Matt does. Matt’s magic gets you talking to the person next to you, it gets conversations started, it gets people laughing, gasping, and having a good time. Easily turn normally quiet dinner parties into tremendously social and active events. After hearing the same tired jazz band perform at your fifth corporate dinner this year, Matt’s magic is a breath of fresh air. It is different, memorable, and extremely engaging. Hiring a talented magician is your chance to make a lasting impression in a completely unexpected and new way with a fantastic and unforgettable form of entertainment.

A close-up magician performs miracles using everyday objects such as playing cards, coins, keys, watches and more. Close-up magicians typically perform short shows for small groups of people at weddings, parties and other similar events.

Matt consistently works a variety of events. He is most commonly employed for Corporate Events, Festivals, Weddings, College events, Bar Mitzvahs, Restaurant magic, Birthday Parties, and Holiday Parties, but is open to anything you have in mind.

Matt is a well rounded magician and is not a specific Children’s Entertainer, however, all of Matt’s magic is family friendly, and therefore can be enjoyed by everyone, whatever the event. Matt’s relaxed and friendly style allows him to involve the younger ones in his performance, and they are often made to feel that they are the star. For child birthday parties, he recommends the ages six and up. His family show is one of the most talked about, rebooked, and gets the highest praises.

Matt is here to cater to your needs. He excels in both close-up, parlor, and stage magic. Whether you want walk around magic at your wedding cocktail hour, birthday party, family get together, or a stage show for your clients at your next corporate event, Matt can accommodate your requests. Matt will work in depth with you to figure you exactly what you are looking for.

With magicians you very much get what you pay for, if you shop around you will receive quotes ranging immensely. Ideally, you will want to employ a magician that will entertain your guests in a professional and enjoyable manner, and one whom you choose for a repeat booking or would happily recommend to your friends. Matt’s prices offer very good value indeed for a professional magician, and therefore are not negotiable.

It is recommended that you book Matt as soon as you can. Especially on Saturdays, and the Holiday months being the most popular. Because he is in high demand, dates can be booked up quickly, and are reserved on a first come first serve basis.

To book Matt, send him a message via email , or fill out the contact form online. After a date and price are confirmed, there maybe a required deposit (included in the total payment) and a contract to be signed and sent back. After these steps are completed, you can look forward to seeing Matt at your event.